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DDT ban lifted by WHO

Posted by Jon Ham at 07:30 AM

Take that, Rachel Carson. And William Ruckelshaus, the Nixon-appointed EPA director who actually banned DDT's use in the United States, ignoring the lack of evidence that DDT was harmful. The Sierra Club and the Audubon Society were also complicit, urging a worldwide ban, which the World Health Association imposed. As a result, tens of millions have died of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, all in the name of junk science.

As the DDT alarmists ranted during the '70s, I remembered when I was a kid in Augusta, Ga., in the '50s we used to ride our bicycles behind the DDT fogging truck that came through our neighborhood periodically.  I guess the harmful effects take a while to manifest themselves.

UPDATE: Reader Dallas Wood emails to say that WHO never actually banned DDT as the above-linked story states, and that the only change is that WHO is now promoting its use. It was banned, however, in the US and later in many other countries. It is agruable, though, that WHO discouraged its use by such things as pointing to evidence that it harmed reproductive and endocrine systems in humans.

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