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Apr. 18th — Choice Program Deserves Defense
Liberal activists may fume, and left-wing editorialists may grind their teeth, but legislative leaders are going to defend their 2013 opportunity scholarship bill.

Apr. 11th — FCC Should Let Markets Work
If the FCC wants to do something constructive about telecom innovation and competition, it should focus on freeing up spectrum for new entrants and investment.

Apr. 4th — Start Up the Rural Economy
Rather than simply embarking on a new “buffalo hunt” for industrial prospects, North Carolina’s small towns and rural communities should focus on cultivating entrepreneurs.

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Mar. 28th — Give the President More Power
North Carolinians are capable and willing to embrace the realities of the 21st century — including the demands of an increasingly global market.

Mar. 21th — Look Before You (Statistically) Leap
In late February, some 44,000 discouraged North Carolina workers suddenly disappeared. Relax. It’s not as mysterious as it sounds.

Mar. 14th — Will NC Make Par in 2014?
Based on North Carolina’s modern political history, what would really be surprising is if Republicans didn’t lose seats in 2014.

Mar. 7th — NC Is Boringly Average
According to standardized test scores, the average North Carolina student performs better today in reading, math, and science than ever before.

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Feb. 28th — NC Doesn’t Pay More For Less
If you thought North Carolinians paid more for transportation and got less value for it than the residents of other states do, you were mistaken

Feb. 21th — NC Politics and the Bard
Right now, “a pox on both your houses” pretty much sums up the way many North Carolinians feel about their elected officeholders.

Feb. 14th — Conservative View of Moral Monday
Any political movement that can turn out tens of thousands of protesters on a chilly morning in February must be deemed impressive.

Feb. 7th — New Data Clarify Jobless Trends
The decline in the labor force from June 2013 to December 2013 was not large enough to be statistically significant.

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Jan. 31st — NC Got Broad Tax Cut
Did Gov. Pat McCrory and the North Carolina legislature raise taxes on poor and middle-income families to give tax breaks to the wealthy?

Jan. 24th — Hunt Got It Wrong
Whatever you think of the virtues of Smart Start and the Excellent Schools Act, you cannot argue that they increased the rate of educational improvement in North Carolina

Jan. 17th — Freedom Leads to Growth
While Washington (maybe) gets its act together, state and local governments will have to take the lead in helping to reverse the trend away from economic freedom.

Jan. 10th — Smaller Can Be Better
Taxpayers don’t save money from consolidating school districts, not when the costs are fully identified and accounted for.

Jan. 3rd — Time to Employ Common Sense
Critics predicted economic disaster from ending extended UI benefits in North Carolina. Some claim to see it now. But that’s not what the preliminary evidence shows.

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