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Apr. 15th — Freedom Is A Weighty Issue
Individual freedom will be imperiled over time in rough proportion to the degree of individual dependency on the state.

Apr. 8th — Mind Your Own Business
I think that we might have a better chance of getting governmental busybodies to mind their own business if we really and truly minded our own business.

Apr. 6th — A Capital Idea for Growth
Obviously infrastructure and education are important. This is an argument for spending more wisely on them, rather than just jacking up their cost. I think itís a capital idea.

Apr. 1st — Look Before You Tweet
Every false report spread virally as fact serves to insult true victims and render them less likely to be believed.

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Mar. 30th — Georgia On My Mind
Iím happy to say that there is, indeed, a Carolina Comeback. But Iíd be even happier if we were keeping up with the Peach State Surge.

Mar. 25th — Beware of Fiscal Storms
Whether for short-run or long-run needs, having more money in the state's bank account sure would come in handy.

Mar. 23rd — Careful About Rule Changes
Change an electoral rule if it makes sense on the merits, but donít do it assuming that your party will benefit. Back in the day, Democrats checked their swing. Now theyíre glad they did.

Mar. 18th — Job Growth Sizzled Last Year
We now have much harder numbers on recent employment trends in North Carolina, and can say with confidence that 2014 was the second-best year for job growth since the turn of the 21st century.

Mar. 16th — Operatives Recycle Hagan Claim
Those now peddling Kay Haganís discredited claim about North Carolinaís new tax code are not serious participants in the tax-reform discussion. They are liberal propagandists and partisan operatives whose efforts will, I suspect, meet a similar fate.

Mar. 11th — Of Course Taxes Matter
If North Carolinaís tax burden has no effect on business decisions and the performance of the economy, as left-of-center politicians and editorialists have repeatedly insisted, then why are they so enamored with targeted tax breaks?

Mar. 9th — Fiscal Issues Divide GOP
Now that Gov. Pat McCrory has released his budget proposal for the 2015-17 biennium, there are at least two fiscal issues dividing North Carolina Republicans this year.

Mar. 4th — For A Balanced Diet
Broadcasting should make up only part of an active citizenís news consumption ó and, frankly, not the largest share of it.

Mar. 2nd — Making a Federal Case of It
Federalism is not a tool for protecting ďstatesí rights.Ē Itís a tool for protecting your rights, and mine.

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Feb. 25th — Pivot Back to Markets
Iíve always appreciated this section of Article One of the North Carolina Constitution: ďPerpetuities and monopolies are contrary to the genius of a free state and shall not be allowed.Ē Letís pivot back to that fundamental principle.

Feb. 23rd — A Martyr to Applause
If the recent review of campus-based centers by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors was all an elaborate ruse to silence a critic of Republicans, it would probably qualify as the most improbable, elaborate, and ineffective conspiracy in North Carolina history.

Feb. 18th — The Song Remains the Same
Ever since North Carolina governors gained the option of succeeding themselves, each reelection campaign has essentially followed the same script.

Feb. 16th — Polls Show McCrory Gains
The narrative of a state full of voters chomping at the bit to overturn GOP control of state government is patently false.

Feb. 11th — Freedom Is Our Goal
What do todayís conservatives want? For North Carolina truly to become First in Freedom.

Feb. 9th — School Grades Teach Lessons
Those who care about education reform learned a lot on February 5 when North Carolina released its first letter grades for public schools.

Feb. 4th — Fair Is Not Foul
Redistricting reformers would welcome any alternative as long as it is based on the principle that neutral rules should be our means and competitive elections our end.

Feb. 2nd — What If NC Matters?
After Mitt Romneyís announcement that he wonít enter the race, Iím starting to think that the North Carolina primary may prove to be not just early but potentially decisive.

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Jan. 28th — State Sill Outpaces Region
Ever since conservatives won majorities in the North Carolina General Assembly and began reducing taxes, spending, and state regulation, liberals have predicted doom.

Jan. 26th — Free Speech Faces Threats
In a free society, the proper answer to speech you donít like is to speak yourself, individually or as part of your own voluntary associations.

Jan. 21th — Burr in Obama's Saddle
During his two terms in the Senate, Richard Burr has been a workhorse, not a showhorse. So quite a few North Carolinians have formed no strong opinions about him.

Jan. 19th — Read Tax Claims Skeptically
When you include all taxes together, the wealthiest 20 percent have tax burdens more than twice as large as a share of income as those of the poorest 20 percent.

Jan. 14th — UNC Policy Draws Lawsuit
Another wave of bad publicity and legal questions isnít what the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill needs. But thatís exactly what the school is getting.

Jan. 12th — In Defense of Political Mavericks
Political parties are and have always been coalitions of politicians, activists, and voters with a variety of views and interests. Partisan actors just have to have enough in common to justify working together.

Jan. 7th — School Woes Aren't Werewolves
Policymakers out to improve education shouldnít discard the silver bullet of small schools in search of a new silver bullet.

Jan. 5th — Burr Favored in Duel
Key Democratic politicians will be loathe to pass up what are good reelection prospects in order to take on an incumbent senator.

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