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Annexation Abuse Even With Consent: Lessons for North Carolina
By Daren Bakst

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The city of Rock Hill, South Carolina, which needs consent from the property owners in the Miller Pond neighborhood before it can annex them, was all set to abuse the state's annexation law, as is common with municipalities across the country.

As reported in the Herald Online:

Rock Hill officials plan to turn off utility taps of county residents who refuse annexation by today's noon deadline despite being asked for an extension, city officials confirmed Tuesday. ...

"We're scared," said David Grigg, president of the Miller Pond homeowners association. "I'd be lying if I said anything different."

Possibly due to its extreme nature, Rock Hill has, for now, decided against taking this action. It certainly is still a possibility, however, if something can't be worked out between the city and the proposed annexed area.

Lessons for North Carolina: Giving people a vote isn't enough to prevent annexation abuse. To have true consent, a municipality should never be allowed to hold something like the denial of water service over a proposed annexed area. That isn't true consent -- it is like pointing a gun at someone's head and asking them to sign a contract.

The other lesson is any annexation reform in North Carolina needs to recognize that municipalities will do whatever it takes, regardless of how disgraceful and unethical their actions, to make up for their incompetence in running their own municipalities. They will always seek out ways to get around changes in the law, so it is critical that any statutory changes must do whatever it can to anticipate abuse.

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