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Nov. 6th Rights & Regulation North Carolina's regulatory burden and the need for a state REINS Act
Nov. 6th Health Care Direct Primary Care
Nov. 5th Economics & Environment Roy Spencer addresses critics
Nov. 3rd Fiscal Insight Local Government Referenda


DateResearch TopicNewsletter
Oct. 30th Rights & Regulation When stakeholders attack; i.e., voice their interests
Oct. 30th Legal Update Criminal Justice Reform, Continued
Oct. 30th Health Care If Obamacare Is So Great, Why Are 2016 Enrollment Projections So Low?
Oct. 28th Education NAEP results may be bad news for Common Core
Oct. 26th Fiscal Insight Another check is needed for NC's fiscal health
Oct. 23rd Health Care Direct Primary Care: Restoring The Doctor-Patient Relationship
Oct. 22nd Rights & Regulation Renewable energy facilities gobble up subsidies, natural habitats
Oct. 22nd Economics & Environment Asking the right questions about economic incentives
Oct. 21st Legal Update Recent Proposals to Reform Federal Sentencing Laws Elicit Qualified Praise
Oct. 19th Fiscal Insight State Budget and Spending Constraints
Oct. 16th Economics & Environment Greenpeace founder discusses his personal history, the history of earth's climate, and why we should "celebrate carbon dioxide"
Oct. 16th Health Care 3 Reasons Why Obamacare's Cadillac Tax Is Due For Inspection
Oct. 15th Legal Update Ben Carson Touches a Nerve
Oct. 15th Education NC community college remediation rate is 42%
Oct. 13th Fiscal Insight Cities participate in economic incentives too
Oct. 9th Economics & Environment Central planners vs. the free market: the Republicans' ideological struggle
Oct. 9th Rights & Regulation Reforms to start fighting overcriminalization in North Carolina
Oct. 9th Health Care ICD-10: The Code Overkill Has Gone Live
Oct. 8th Legal Update What Do We Really Know about Gun Control Laws?
Oct. 7th Education NC imports more teachers than it exports
Oct. 1st Rights & Regulation Legislature votes to repeal Certificate of Public Advantage

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