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Oct. 8th Legal Update What Do We Really Know about Gun Control Laws?
Oct. 7th Education NC imports more teachers than it exports
Oct. 1st Rights & Regulation Legislature votes to repeal Certificate of Public Advantage


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Sep. 30th Legal Update Another Attempt to Criminalize Politically Incorrect Speech
Sep. 25th Economics & Environment Pope Francis, Religious Liberty, and Capitalism
Sep. 25th Rights & Regulation What's a stakeholder, anyway?
Sep. 25th Health Care Why North Carolina Lawmakers Should Not Settle For Certificate of Need Reform
Sep. 24th Legal Update A Less than Perfect Model of a State Attorney General, Continued
Sep. 24th Education Teacher turnover rate up slightly
Sep. 21st Fiscal Insight North Carolina is one of three states to pass budgets last week
Sep. 18th Economics & Environment NCGA rejects energy subsidies for solar while continuing to embrace the anti market principles behind them
Sep. 18th Health Care Health and Human Services Budget Has Arrived
Sep. 18th Rights & Regulation Barely clearing the air on removing useless vehicle emissions inspections
Sep. 16th Education An overview of the Conference Committee K-12 education budget
Sep. 16th Legal Update Lucky to Be Here, Continued...
Sep. 11th Health Care What Health Reform Could Look Like In The Future
Sep. 11th Education The best and worst schools in NC last year
Sep. 10th Rights & Regulation Renewable energy has been 'almost there' since the 1970s
Sep. 10th Economics & Environment Enviros make amazing admission -- solar power is totally welfare dependent
Sep. 9th Legal Update She Is the Very Model of a State Attorney General
Sep. 4th Economics & Environment Would the Fair Tax Kill Obamacare?
Sep. 4th Health Care 3 Reasons Why It's Time To Say Goodbye To CON
Sep. 4th Rights & Regulation The steep price of extending the sunset on a special-interest tax credit
Sep. 2nd Legal Update They Really Hate Him!
Sep. 1st Fiscal Insight Another budget extension...
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