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Mar. 14th Environment The economics of Obama's latest labor market power grab
Mar. 14th Health Care Obamacare Alternatives Slowly Gaining Momentum
Mar. 11th Fiscal Insight Corporate Tax Havens - Should the States Collect?
Mar. 11th Education Want a job? Don't go to college
Mar. 7th Legal Update It's time for real judging if we want limited government
Mar. 7th Research Review JLF Research This Week: March 3-7, 2014
Mar. 6th Environment The history of minimum wage hikes and their impact on teenage employment
Mar. 5th Fiscal Insight Where does the money from ABC stores go?
Mar. 5th Rights & Regulation Triangle light-rail advocates have no logical answer to expert consensus
Mar. 4th Health Care A Sheaf of Obamacare Alternatives
Mar. 4th Education Dislike Common Core? Blame the State Board of Education


DateResearch TopicNewsletter
Feb. 28th Rights & Regulation The Four P's of Electricity Competition
Feb. 26th Environment Eminent domain and the libertarian problems with Keystone
Feb. 25th Education The Left will lose the school choice war
Feb. 24th Fiscal Insight Charlotte Area Sees Mortgage Jobs Cut
Feb. 21st Rights & Regulation The problem of regulatory accumulation
Feb. 21st Education Common Core: The way forward
Feb. 21st Health Care The wrath of Obamacare in 2015
Feb. 18th Fiscal Insight Valentine's Day Taxes
Feb. 14th Rights & Regulation Ninth Circuit: If you like your gun, you can keep your gun. And bear it.
Feb. 14th Environment Minimum Wage Laws: Harming the Most Disadvantaged Workers
Feb. 14th Health Care Obamacare's Unrequited Love
Feb. 10th Fiscal Insight The Tax Credit NC Scrapped and the Federal Government Retained
Feb. 7th Environment Left Wing Commentators Misrepresent JLF Analysis of Tax Reform
Feb. 7th Rights & Regulation Three principles for better land-use policies
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