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Dec. 2nd Fiscal Insight Cyber Monday


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Nov. 27th Rights & Regulation On Thanksgiving and the dynamism of private property
Nov. 26th Health Care Defining Affordability
Nov. 25th Fiscal Insight Turkey Anyone? Facts about NC's Turkey Production
Nov. 25th Environment Dr. Nicola Scafetta presents convincing data on climate cycles and solar cycles
Nov. 19th Education Number of state-paid classroom teachers increased since 2011
Nov. 18th Rights & Regulation Light rail in Wake County, the hotdog tree of broken dreams
Nov. 18th Fiscal Insight Property Tax in North Carolina
Nov. 15th Research Review JLF Research This Week: November 11-15, 2013
Nov. 15th Environment Another "not an economic impact study" by another "not an economist." This time it's the nuclear industry.
Nov. 12th Health Care Redistribution of Health
Nov. 12th Fiscal Insight November Local Elections and Their Fiscal Impact
Nov. 12th Education State test score drop (more or less) explained!
Nov. 8th Environment Where has all the smog gone? 2013 best year on record
Nov. 8th Research Review JLF Research This Week: November 4-8, 2013
Nov. 7th Rights & Regulation People, businesses like to get and spend free money, which is a revelation or something
Nov. 5th Education Teacher "walk-in" event: A postmortem
Nov. 4th Fiscal Insight Lack of Transparency in State Spending
Nov. 1st Health Care Part 2: Obamacare Rains...
Nov. 1st Research Review JLF Research This Week: October 28-November 1, 2013


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Oct. 31st Environment British and international press report on analysis predicting little ice age -- US Press? Not so much.
Oct. 31st Fiscal Insight State Spending Keeps Growing
Oct. 29th Education NC community college remediation rate is 63 percent
Oct. 25th Environment 16 years, 11 months of no warming plus other cool facts (pun intended)
Oct. 25th Education NC DPI and Pearson's Power[School] trip
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