North Carolina isn’t the only state pushing to change licensing requirements for folks who simply want to earn a living but  are thwarted by ridiculously high barriers put in place by the state. Check out this story from the Phoenix New Times about House Bill 2011, which would get rid of the laughable requirement for blow-drying. 

Currently, those stylists need a cosmetology license, which requires with a minimum of 1,000 hours of training. Under the bill, introduced by State Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican from Scottsdale, cutting and dying hair would still require a license.

“We’re not talking about dismantling the license,” Ugenti-Rita said at the hearing, adding, “I would argue that we should.”

HB 2011 is backed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce as well as libertarian-leaning groups like the Americans for Prosperity, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, the Goldwater Institute, the Institute for Justice, and the Market Freedom Alliance. It also has support from Governor Doug Ducey, who gave the bill a shoutout in his State of the State Address.

Here in North Carolina, the John Locke Foundation is working hard to make it easier for people to use their skills. Jon Sanders advocates for people to be subjected to the least restrictive licensing that makes reasonable sense for the job.