The N&R follows up on Guilford County Commissioner Kirk Perkins’ motion to consider delaying new construction projects:

A number of board members were confused about the final vote, with several believing they had actually voted to suspend the projects.

“I think we approved it in principle, but it’s something we’re going to need to discuss, and I hope we do go ahead and do it,” Perkins said.

Members of the Guilford County Board of Education want to know which school bond projects the delay would affect.

Their questions: Does the delay apply to projects in the design stage, such as the new Hairston-Falkener autism wing and Simeon Stadium in High Point?

Does it apply to the roughly $4 million left to spend on new heating and cooling equipment at various schools?

And does it apply to the landless southeast-area elementary school and airport-area high school?

Perkins said he hopes that will be ironed out at the board’s retreat.

Commissioner Paul Gibson notes the tough budget year ahead doesn’t give the county much of a choice. The day of reckoning is here —- take time to watch last night’s 60 Minutes segment —– the pain will be felt everywhere.