Silly you. You supposed production had something to do with economies. Not so! Here are some examples of how Asheville is making the city prosperous:

  1. While unemployment and underemployment run rampant, candidates unversed in history and economics are wooing the masses with cornucopian promises, and riots are breaking out in the Middle East, Asheville wishes to turn its attention to a celebration of culture with its Sister Cities program.

    The programs, projects and partnerships of Asheville Sister Cities have a direct economic impact on western North Carolina. Through the dedication of this vibrant volunteer organization, Asheville reaches around the world, and brings it home, making a difference in so many lives.

  2. Council shall approve a greenways master plan with neither the document nor a hyperlink thereto provided with the staff reports.

    WHEREAS, a countywide system of connected trails and greenways will provide recreational opportunities; increase health benefits by the provision of access to more physical activity opportunities; increase traffic safety with bike and pedestrian infrastructure; and increase economic prosperity for the City of Asheville through increased jobs, increased housing values and increased tourism and local spending by travelers of a greenway.

  3. The city would like to loan Mountain Housing Opportunities $300,000 to develop Eagle Market Street. Over the last two decades, the project’s advocates have failed to create affordable housing on prime real estate, despite multiple grants and other government offerings.


    • Requires numerous exceptions to existing policies and guidelines.
    • Significant risk to the City throughout the construction period.
    • Other lenders are not sharing proportionately in that risk.
    • Staff is unable to adequately evaluate the collateral without a current appraisal report.
    • Taxes on the subject property are currently delinquent.
    • Approval would create a precedent that may affect future requests of a similar nature.