The Education First NC School Report Cards have been published. Cliquez ici to see how well your schools are faring. In some WNC schools, seventy-some percent of kids are performing at or above grade level.

Fortunately, the federal government is around to bait children into dependency in the name of boosting performance. Four Haywood County Schools now offer universal free breakfast. What’s more, the kids get to eat their obesity-crisis-busting “nutritionally-fortified chicken biscuits” during class.

“I like it,” said Jacob Smith, munching on his biscuit and sipping his chocolate milk.

While Smith has been eating breakfast at school for a long time, he explained that this arrangement is better than having to come early to chow down in the cafeteria.

He likes having breakfast in his classroom more, “because there’s not as many people, and you can focus on eating instead of talking,” he said. . . .

For other students, like Jessica Albright, eating in class is a way to ensure that she eats breakfast at all. She has plenty of food at her house, but getting up early for school means sometimes she doesn’t have time to eat it. This program makes the time.

Participation started at 30%, but now “a majority” of kids are seeing if they can’t get their parents used to not including food in their budget.

“We’re hopefully feeding kids that might not have had breakfast at home,” [Director of Childhood Nutrition Alison] Francis said.

It’s reminiscent of that anecdote about how Communist Russia took kids’ food away, and upon returning it asked if government was not a greater provider than their supposed God.