The Washington Examiner’s Byron York writes today about what appears to be a doubling-down by the Democratic Party on its abortion-on-demand stance. Evidently the national convention in Charlotte will feature, among other things, a pro-abortion theme, with a flurry of liberal women lining up to declare their pro-abortion beliefs even though one-third of their party and nearly half of the much sought after independent vote doesn’t agree with them.

There will be a lot of talk about abortion, all of it from one side. But not all Democrats agree with Fluke and her fellow speakers when it comes to abortion; in May of this year, Gallup found 34 percent of Democrats identify themselves as pro-life. And, perhaps more important to President Obama’s re-election prospects, 47 percent of independents describe themselves as pro-life.

When the parade of pro-abortion liberal feminists take the stage to demand respect for women, I will be all ears to hear if one — just one — will have the intellectual honesty to mention the innocent unborn women whose mothers have imposed on them the ultimate act of disrespect — no chance at life.