Are we seeing an impact in court rulings since North Carolina voters gave Democrats a 4-3 partisan majority on the N.C. Supreme Court? Mitch Kokai analyzes the data…and you may be surprised by what he found.

The last batch of N.C. Supreme Court opinions for 2017 confirms what court watchers have witnessed during the rest of the year: A change in the court’s partisan “control” has not translated into a clear split of justices along party lines.

The high court’s four registered Democrats lined up against its three Republicans a grand total of two times in 58 cases decided this year. Meanwhile, justices decided the results in 48 of 58 cases unanimously.

If partisan court fights are forthcoming, the results might have to wait until 2018.

Mitch drills down further into the Supreme Court rulings to reveal the fascinating statistics on which justices were more likely to team up and/or disagree.