Congratulations to Julie Ball at the local daily for saying the parents swarming Asheville City Hall were concerned about electromagnetic fields, as opposed to EMF output. Now, it may be argued that high capacitance actually does release potential into the community, I’m not prepared to get stoned enough to feel the light here. Instead, I have resolved to look up some old acquaintances to discuss frequencies and amplitudes at which physiological changes have been documented, then, I’ll see what kind of fields are ambient for the substations. Then, I shall blissfully lose myself in the world of physics.

It will be a waste of time, though. I will be told my experts, although some do not live in this country, are cronies of the administration. I will be shown a piece of paper with numbers typed on it and told that is irrefutable proof that children are dying conclusively and exclusively because of the premise in question. I will be told I am not a scientist, and all my training in trying to smell a hoax – with a sneer to insinuate I am padding my resume – is but a tool of war. Politicians are forced to decide between stone-cold facts and the emotions of voting parents who would rather drag their warm and fuzzy kids to a city council meeting so leaders can “put a face on it” than leave them home to tend to their studies, play, and go to bed by 8:00.

Speakers referenced data from the World Health Organization. Frankly, I would be more inclined to believe the geniuses I’ve known who were dedicated to independent research, than a report from the WHO, which was spawned by the UN, which, frankly, has had a political agenda of undermining dirty energy in the United States for as long as I can remember. Once again, I don’t like dirty energy, but until we can help all our citizens with wind and solar, I don’t want to deprive the poor of basic modern comforts.