• Press Release

    NC Teacher Pay Already Above Average

    posted October 26, 2005
    RALEIGH – Gov. Mike Easley has announced a costly initiative to raise average teacher pay in North Carolina to “the national average and beyond,” but a preliminary analysis by the…
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    Rethink Wake Landfill Plan, Author Concludes

    posted October 24, 2005
    RALEIGH – Wake County should not replace the North Wake landfill, closing in 2007, with a new county-owned facility, according to the author of a new analysis published Monday by…
  • Press Release

    Queen City Reigns Supreme in Spending

    posted October 19, 2005
    RALEIGH – Weeks before a school-bond vote in Mecklenburg County that could result in another local tax increase, the John Locke Foundation today released a Citizen’s Guide to Local Spending…
  • Press Release

    JLF Analyst: Amend the State Constitution

    posted October 17, 2005
    RALEIGH — The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London drastically weakened the property rights of all citizens, according to a new analysis published today by…
  • Press Release

    The Certification Myth

    posted October 9, 2005
    RALEIGH – As Gov. Mike Easley and the North Carolina General Assembly attempted to resolve a serious dispute about teacher certification, the John Locke Foundation published a report Friday concluding…
  • Press Release

    Planned CMS Schools Expensive

    posted September 27, 2005
    RALEIGH – The proposed $427 million school bond in Charlotte-Mecklenburg would fund facilities that are far more expensive than in comparable districts and ignores alternative ways to build schools at…
  • Press Release

    Wilmington First in Spending Growth

    posted September 25, 2005
    RALEIGH – Local government expenditures grew faster in Wilmington than in any other major North Carolina city over the past 10 years, according to a new report from the John…
  • Press Release

    Obsolete Law Increases NC Car Prices

    posted September 11, 2005
    North Carolina consumers may be hurt by an obsolete state law that protects new-car dealers, according to a new analysis published by the John Locke Foundation. Daren Bakst, legal and…
  • Press Release

    “Name That Boondoggle” Contest Begins

    posted August 31, 2005
    CHARLOTTE – Taxes, schools, crime, traffic congestion – these are just some the issues at the forefront of public debate in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and many surrounding communities. They will…
  • Press Release

    Ozone Pollution Low Despite High Temperatures

    posted August 17, 2005
    RALEIGH – Despite record high temperatures, North Carolina’s major metropolitan areas are experiencing a third straight year of low ozone pollution, according to a new analysis published by the John…