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    Next Come the Taxes: Spending growth continues in latest budget

    posted August 22, 2007 by Joseph Coletti
    Gov. Mike Easley and the General Assembly continue the spend-and-tax cycle, increasing the General Fund $1.8 billion, 9.5 percent, over last year. General Fund spending on operations reaches $20.7 billion in FY 2007-08, a 43 percent increase in just five years, similar to the five-year period through FY1997-98.
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    Electric Shock: North Carolinians would be required to pay for electricity in other states

    posted August 5, 2007 by Daren Bakst
    The legislature passed a law, SB 3, which would require North Carolinians to pay for electricity used by out-of-state residents. SB 3, which is the new, hastily drafted energy bill, was touted as requiring utilities to provide at least 7.5% of their electricity from renewable resources. However, North Carolinians likely will not be the recipient of a significant amount of this electricity.
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    Better Instruction, Not More Time: A longer school day and year will be North Carolina’s next education fad

    posted July 31, 2007 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    There is no consistent relationship between in-school instructional time in mathematics and a nation’s average score on an international mathematics test. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University concluded that there was no statistically significant correlation between instructional time in math, science, reading, and civics and test scores on international assessments of those subjects.
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    A North Carolina Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming

    posted July 24, 2007 by Joel Schwartz
    North Carolina is headed toward imposing major new regulations and taxes on the consumption and production of energy, all in the name of fighting global warming. But the climate hysteria on which they are based has nothing to do with reality. Whatever the risks of future climate change, they pale in comparison to the risks of the “wrenching transformation” sought by climate alarmists.
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    Reform the Reform: How mental health reform went wrong and what lies ahead

    posted July 17, 2007 by Joseph Coletti
    North Carolina’s 2001 mental health reform was ambitious and well intentioned but flawed. Many proven ideas did not make the final version of reform and lawmakers immediately raided the mental health trust fund to cover a General Fund fiscal crisis in 2001.
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    Renewable Energy At All Costs: Legislation ignores the will of the public and would have unintended consequences

    posted July 8, 2007 by Daren Bakst
    The Senate has passed a major electricity bill that includes something called a renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolio standard (REPS). The REPS consists of two separate requirements: A renewable portfolio standard that requires utilities to provide customers 7.5 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, and energy efficiency measures that require a 5 percent reduction in energy use.
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    Flawed and Undemocratic: Forced Annexation Is Good for Municipal Leaders, But Bad for the Public

    posted June 12, 2007 by Daren Bakst
    Municipalities legally can acquire unincorporated areas next to their borders without the consent of the residents living in those areas. This process, called forced annexation, was supposed to promote sound urban development in areas that need municipal services. Instead, it has created a system in which cities ignore the areas most in need of annexation. Even worse, forced annexation is undemocratic and has contributed to the exclusion of minorities from municipalities. Forced annexation needs to be eliminated immediately, and significant annexation reform needs to be adopted.

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