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    Longer school day, year no guarantee of success

    posted July 31, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina cannot fix its ailing public school systems by mandating longer school days or a longer school year. That’s the conclusion in a new John Locke Foundation…
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    N.C. mental health reforms need reform

    posted July 17, 2007
    RALEIGH – Increased accountability and a larger private sector role could help improve North Carolina’s troubled mental health system. That’s a major recommendation offered in a new John Locke Foundation…
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    Choice lightens N.C. school building burden

    posted July 11, 2007
    RALEIGH – Charter, private, and home school students have saved N.C. taxpayers nearly $900 million in school building costs since 2000. That’s a key finding in a new John Locke…
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    JLF unveils new source for Western N.C. news

    posted July 11, 2007
    RALEIGH – Western North Carolina is gaining a new source for political news and public policy commentary. The John Locke Foundation announces today the launch of its new regional…
  • Press Release

    New energy mandate would ignore customer demands

    posted July 8, 2007
    RALEIGH – New energy mandates could drive up North Carolina’s regionally high electricity rates, even though consumers have shown little interest in paying more for renewable energy sources. That’s the…
  • Press Release

    Citizen’s guide battles global warming myths

    posted June 24, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina should avoid new regulations and taxes based on hype surrounding global warming. That’s a key conclusion in the John Locke Foundation’s new North Carolina…
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    Final budget should stress fiscal responsibility

    posted June 21, 2007
    RALEIGH – Legislators can adopt a final budget that’s more fiscally responsible than existing House and Senate plans, according to a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report. Click…
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    JLF explains ‘Why Al Gore Is Wrong’

    posted June 17, 2007
    RALEIGH – The John Locke Foundation will unveil its new global warming guide next week during a tour from Charlotte to Wilmington. The tour is titled “Why Al Gore Is…
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    N.C. needs to dump forced annexation

    posted June 12, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina needs to scrap forced annexation laws that violate democratic principles, help cities ignore their budget problems, and exclude minority neighborhoods. That’s the conclusion of a new…
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    Global warming alarmists push hidden taxes

    posted June 5, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolinians could face hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes and an assault on their safety and standard of living, in a misguided effort to fight…