Bookmark this as a reference to what air service levels were like early in the American Airlines/US Airways merger integration.

US Airways and American Airlines fights from Charlotte for Thursday, August 7, 2013:

US Airways flights by aircraft type:
Widebody: 13 (3 A330-300, 5 A330-200, 5 767-200ER)
Narrowbody mainline: 273 (9 757, 5 737-400, 118 A321, 49 A320, 92 A319)
Large regional jets: 181 (22 E175, 106 CRJ900, 53 CRJ700)
50-seat regional jet: 130 CRJ
Turboprop: 64 (49 DHC-300, 15 DHC-100)
Total flights: 661
Total seats available: 69,767

American Airlines flights: 9 (3 737-800, 1 MD-80, 5 A319)
Total seats: 1,260

American Airlines + US Airways total:
670 flights with 71,027 seats
(Would be a flight and 204 seats higher on Friday when both the Brussels and Lisbon flights operate)

Total nonstop destination served by US Airways at some point during the year:
Seasonal destinations for which the season isn’t now: 2 (Key West, St. Croix)

European destinations: 11 flights to 10 cities Frankfurt x 2 (both A332), London Heathrow (A333), Rome (A333), Barcelona (A332), Paris (A333), Madrid (767), Dublin (757), Manchester (757) all daily plus four days a week to Brussels (767) and Lisbon (757)
Year-round flights to Europe: Just Frankfurt and London — the reason are summer seasonals
South American destinations: Rio de Janeiro (767) and Sao Paulo (A332) — both year-round but will end soon.

Destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central American, and Bermuda with daily or near daily flights: 14 (Aruba, Bermuda, Cancun, Freeport, Grand Cayman, Mexico City, Montego Bay, Nassau, Providenciales, Punta Cana, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Jose, San Juan)
With Saturday only flights: 9 (Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Cabo, Cozumel, Liberia, St. Croix, St. Kitts, St. Lucia)

Destinations served in Canada: 3 (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa)

Destinations served year-round in the continental US: 107
Seasonal destinations in the continental US: 2 (Sacramento, Key West)
Number of states served: 39
Destinations served in the mountain and pacific time zones: 10 with 41 daily flights (Phoenix 9, Denver 6, Los Angeles 6, San Francisco 6, Las Vegas 5, Seattle 4, San Diego 2, Portland, OR 1, Sacramento 1, Salt Lake City 1)

New destinations added in the past year: Oklahoma City and Tulsa year-round plus summer seasonal flights to Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, and Manchester
Pending new routes: Evansville (3 daily), Ft. Wayne (1 daily), and Grand Rapids (2 daily) on 50-seaters that begin in September
Pending new international flight: Second daily London Heathrow begins mid September
Pending international route cancellations: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo but some of the existing European route won’t be back next summer. We’ll find out which in about three months.

Combined US Airways and American Airlines flights from CLT are down by 6 (.9 percent) versus last summer (670 this summer, 676 last summer). Basically what happened is that American’s use of regional jet to CLT from New York LaGuardia, Miami, and Chicago O’Hare has ended and larger US Airways and American jets have filled the gap to Miami and Chicago. American flights are down by 12 compared to last year while US Airways is up by six, which gives the six flight net reduction. US Airways mainline, despite this and additional flights to Europe this summer and an extra flight each to San Francisco and Lax Angeles is overall only up by a single flight (OK, two on Fridays). US Airways regional flights are up by five versus a year ago but Oklahoma City and Tulsa (two flights each) account for most of the increase. Some nearby markets actually see less capacity this summer this year year.

The number of seats available is up, meaning that average aircraft size increased. Last year, US Airways and American Airlines combined for 68,668 seats a day, this summer it’s more like 71,027 — a 3.4 percent increase. This is in part the result of US Airways taking delivery of new 187-seat Airbus A321 aircraft to replace older 144-seat Boeing 737-400 jets. Existing US Airways A321s saw an increase in seats from 183 to 187 over the past year or so — if you used the higher seat count for last year’s flights, the increase is more like 2.3 percent. Other factors are American’s withdrawal of regional jets from CLT and the retirement of some smaller turboprops.

On the regional flying side, things are also pretty much the same as last year. US Airways’ commuter partners have added a few more 79-seat CRJ900s, so the number of large regional jet flights increases by nine as compared to last year (181 vs. 172 last year). US Airways branded 50-seat regional jet flying from CLT actually was up as compared to last summer (130 this summer compared to 125 last summer). Piedmont Airlines, the US Airways subsidiary that flies turborprops, retired some older 37-seat DHC-100s, which offset some of the increase in regional jet flights (15 flights a day this summer as compared to 24 last year).