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    Critical Race Theory Primer

    posted September 22, 2021 by Brian Balfour, Dr. Terry Stoops
    Critical race theory is a movement that demands its adherents transform supposedly racist institutions, structures, and ideals through hardline activism. It argues that the United States was built on a…
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    Freedom To Farm

    posted September 20, 2021 by Vincent H. Smith
    In this paper we examine the structure and differences in seven southern states and the federal regulations that govern farms with dairy and cattle herds. We also describe and assess…
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    A Culture of Personalized Learning

    posted August 13, 2021 by Jonathan Butcher
    In 2017, North Carolina lawmakers made their state the sixth to enact education savings accounts since 2011, following the design pioneered in Arizona. With an account, the state deposits a…
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    Keeping the Peace Through Intensive Community Policing

    posted July 15, 2021 by Jon Guze
    As crime soars and the breakdown of public order takes its toll on our country, analysis from the John Locke Foundation signals it’s time to adopt a different approach to…
  • Research Report

    Energy Crossroads

    posted June 23, 2021 by Jordan McGillis
    North Carolina’s Clean Energy Plan, a proposal put together by the Department of Environmental Quality at the behest of Governor Roy Cooper, calls for a 70-percent reduction of greenhouse gas…
  • Research Report

    Towards Safe, Cost-Effective, and Equitable Transportation

    posted May 19, 2021 by Randal O’Toole
    In January 2021, a state commission recommended that the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) budget be increased by a behemoth 40%. The recommendation generates critical questions that must be…
  • Research Report

    Thriving in North Carolina

    posted May 7, 2021 by Joseph Coletti
    Executive Summary Charlotte’s ranking in a 2014 study as 50th of 50 large cities for economic mobility ignited an effort among city leaders to understand the causes and propose solutions.
  • Research Report

    Expanding Rural Broadband Access in North Carolina

    posted March 24, 2021 by Jon Sanders
    Executive Summary North Carolina policymakers have made good progress in recent years to help broadband providers close the state’s rural broadband gaps. Nevertheless, some gaps remain, and the impact of…

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