My big, fat ego is a little hurt. In fact, I feel like I’m experiencing some kind of color therapy. That is, people who look at the great pie and bar charts for economic development incentives and go, “This is exciting!” are sane. The dufus who looks at them and cries foul at a 20,000 ROI gets his hyperlink directed to a revised page showing only (ONLY!) a 300% ROI. The funny thing is, the investment was changed from $21,906 to $1.62 million for no apparent reason. The output is still $4.5 million.

New Chart: powerpnthiwirerevised HiWire

Old Chart: HiWire

The moral of the story is, if I want to save my reputation and protect from dishonor the university that bestowed on me a B.S. in math, I’d better hush my mouth and feel the positive energy.

[CAVEAT: Call me crazy, but I cannot guarantee what is going to be at those links when you read this.]