As you’ve probably noticed much of the focus here in Greensboro has been on HB2, with the City Council’s raucous debate before passing a resolution opposing the bathroom bill.

With all that occupying everyone’s minds, a couple of stories have run under the radar scope. First is the council’s approval of $20 million in limited obligation for bonds for upgrades to the coliseum complex. A big chunk of that —$5 million—will go toward upgrades to the complex’s Pavilion in order to accommodate the city’s news NBA D-League team, the Swarm.

Another $4 million will go toward another pool for the aquatic center, while another $2 million will go toward technology improvements, including public Wi-Fi.

The story is the council’s 8-1 vote to invest another $300,000 in the 100-plus year-old downtown Cascade Saloon building. The city had previously donated the land to the Preservation Greensboro Development Fund and threw in a $175,000 back in 2014.

A local construction company plans to invest $2.9 million to completely rehab the building for its new headquarters, but—according to the N&R—the company “found that the cost of stabilizing the building is going to be more than it initially thought.”

Which I guess makes one wonder if a company is going to invest $2.9 million, then what’s another $300,000?