While we’re practicing bad science, I would refer you to a letter by Howard Hayden. I don’t refer you to his piece because I have replicated his claims. Instead, I refer you because I think rather highly of Dr. Hayden. (For those who do not understand my sense of humor, this is actually more a tribute to his cleverness than an application of the fallacy of relying on authority.) I was very impressed with his work with Galilean Electrodynamics, and believed his mind to be among the best when I was working among physicists that challenged existing paradigms. Well, I was very disappointed to find out Dr. Hayden left our ranks to write about politics. A few years later, I found myself feeling guilty for chasing molecules around and writing theories only 200 people might take the time to notice; 100, the time to read; 10, the time to try to understand, etc. – when all around, people continued to hurt each other. The second law of thermodynamics continues to hold.