Charlotte Observer reports on the $5 million campaign to help pass the proposed amendment to the N.C. Constitution that would ensure victims rights. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the amendment is one of six proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.

Associated Press (via the Observer) reports:

The pro-amendment “Marsy’s Law for North Carolina” started airing its first commercial statewide Tuesday, a $150,000 radio ad that also will be used in social media, campaign director Chris Sinclair said. Television ads will come later, he said.

…Spending $5 million in a statewide referendum campaign is significant. A committee that helped pass a $2 billion statewide bond referendum in March 2016 spent $2.2 million, according to campaign finance reports.

Sinclair said the $5 million would come from the national Marsy’s Law organization, founded and funded by Henry Nicholas, the founder of Broadcom Corp. The group is named for his sister, who was killed in 1983 by her ex-boyfriend.

“We needed to get started now and cut through all the noise from ‘Nix All Six,’ which is really just a partisan approach to all the amendments,” Sinclair said, referring to a catch-phrase from amendment opponents.

The Observer has a good point-counter point discussion on the need for victims rights to be constitutionally guaranteed. It is worth a read.