Following the legalization of alcohol sales in Jackson County, Sheriff Jimmy Ashe has asked the commissioners to grant him eight more officers. Currently, the county has five officers on-duty at any given moment, and the sheriff does not think that will be enough to deal with the anticipated crime wave.

“What crime wave?” asked the commissioners. Why, insinuating that alcohol purchasers are more likely to perpetrate crimes than others is profiling. Artifacts of this primitive stereotype are still lodged in the state requirement that 5% of proceeds from liquor sales go to help law enforcement. It could be the actuaries determined the number of wife beaters that were too lazy to go out-county to buy their beer will exactly displace the number of moonshiners that were careless enough to get caught. Supposedly little research has been done on the subject, but preliminary studies indicate there is a positive correlation between convenient alcohol sales and crime.

Either way, the commissioners want to actually see the number of unaided victims increase before taking action. Like other local governments these days, Jackson County probably has bigger synergies to vibrate – like a library almost too lovely and colossal to have been constructed during a recession. (Cliquez ici and then cliquez-vous la on that page to see pictures of the world-class architecture.)