You want your life to be better and easier. So do we. We’re fighting for you at the state legislature with a list of 9 actions items we’re urging state lawmakers to address. You’ll find more details in our 2021 legislative agenda for a Better Carolina, but here’s a quick rundown.

  1. Limit the governor’s emergency powers to control your life and movement.
  2. Increase your access to the broadband necessary to live in a digital world.
  3. Ensure that your vote counts and that our elections are fair and transparent.
  4. Tear down barriers that prevent our farmers from thriving in a free marketplace.
  5. Protect your right to earn a living and our state’s right-to-work status.
  6. Bring down the cost of your health insurance and increase your access to quality care.
  7. Give you more choice about where your kids go to school.
  8. Respect your hard work by making responsible decisions when using the taxes you pay.
  9. Protect your First Amendment rights to give privately to the charities of your choice.

It’s a bold list, we know. But rest assured, we’re working every day to be your voice on these issues. Our mission at the John Locke Foundation is to help legislators make sound, research-based decisions. As you page through our 2021 legislative agenda, you’ll see that the recommendations we champion are guided by our core values: freedom, free markets, and limited constitutional government.

With the General Assembly session underway, here’s what to expect. Barring new emergencies, look for the session to consist of three phases: (1) immediate Covid-19 response and recovery, (2) the state budget in later spring with a budget passed and sent to the governor before the end of the fiscal year, and (3) the decennial redistricting of congressional and legislative districts in late summer or early fall.

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