Charlotte Observer reports the 9th District Congressional race–where Republican Mark Harris beat Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes. However, the state board of elections has refused to certify the results based on alleged absentee ballot irregularities:

“I’m very familiar with unfortunate activities that have been happening down in my part of the state,” Malcolm, a Robeson County Democrat, told the board. “And I am not going to turn a blind eye to what took place to the best of my understanding which has been ongoing for a number of years that has repeatedly been referred to the United States attorney and the district attorneys for them to take action and clean it up. And in my opinion those things have not taken place.”

After discussing the matter in closed session, the board voted 9-0 not to certify the results.

“The decision was not a Democrat or Republican decision, it was a bipartisan decision,” Malcolm told the Observer on Wednesday.

Asked to elaborate on his allegations about “unfortunate activities,” Malcolm said “It would be inappropriate.”

Given –as the Observer points out–that the new Congress is set to convene on Jan. 3– such “unfortunate activities” need should be investigated with urgency and the specific nature of these “activities” revealed to the public.