Alex Baiocco takes aim in the Washington Examiner at a proposal on Capitol Hill dubbed H.R. 1. It would establish new rules governing what people can say about Congress. (Thanks, Nancy Pelosi!)

What if members of Congress told you the only way to preserve democracy in America was to give them more power over how Americans speak about Congress?

You might ask whether they understand the concept of democracy.

Fundamentally, democracy requires that citizens be free to speak out about those in power, and to associate with like-minded citizens for that purpose, without government intrusion.
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But according to some members of Congress, our democracy is already on life support. Why? Americans are exercising these essential freedoms a little too freely, supposedly. So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other politicians are asking you to support their “bold reform” plan to “restore democracy” in America: H.R. 1.

As things stand now, the public can just form groups and speak about the government anytime they like. Congress can’t even tell them how much money they’re allowed to raise and spend! But, don’t worry: a congressional “Democracy Reform Task Force” is fighting to “ reaffirm Congress’ authority to regulate” how Americans spend their money on political advocacy.