According to the Proposed Conference Committee Substitute for House Bill 1030 and the N.C. Department of Public Instruction,

  • Teachers will receive an average salary increase of 4.7 percent and no bonuses.
  • Teachers will advance one step on the state salary schedule.
  • Pay increases range from 2 percent for teachers with 26+ years of experience to 13.1 percent for teachers entering their 15th year in the classroom.
  • In terms of the range of actual dollars awarded, the Year 1 salary will increase by $750, while the Year 15 salary will get a $5,250 boost.
  • The biggest beneficiaries of the proposed salary schedule will be teachers with between five and 25 years of experience.
  • Teachers with more than 25 years of experience would have benefited most from Governor McCrory’s plan, which would have awarded them a $5,000 bonus.
  • The conference proposal has more similarities with the House budget than any other.
  • If the proposed pay increase stands, then average teacher pay in North Carolina would have increased by 15 percent since 2012-13.