The N.C. House and Senate are scheduled to convene at noon on Monday to debate and vote on several constitutional amendments. Until this week, one of those was House Bill 8, which would curb state government’s eminent domain powers.

The issue came in at No. 9 on Republicans’ 100-day agenda. Even so, I’ve heard from a couple sources (and other news outlets have reported) that HB8 is being laid aside until the short session.

That leaves three amendments likely to be on the agenda: marriage, term limits for legislative leaders, and governance changes to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. Of course, there are numerous other amendments that could come up.

Amendments for term limits and DPI governance already have cleared the House and are awaiting action in Senate committees. The marriage amendment hasn’t been brought up in committee yet. My sense is that much of the vote counting on that one hinges on whether the ballot question would appear in the May primary or the November General Election. Some Democrats, reportedly, are concerned about the marriage amendment driving greater Republican turnout in November, hurting other candidates.

Unless something unexpected pops up, it could be a relatively short week.