After I wrote a story about Duke?s party culture last week,
in which I identified the Duke Women?s Center as the source of lots of ?selfish
hedonism? propaganda, I received an email from somebody who reminded me that
the Women?s Center has been involved in several other recent flaps. For one,
the Center initially
to include the school?s pro-life organization?Duke Students for
Life?at an event named, weirdly enough, the ?Week for Life.? The Women?s Center
relented only after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education contacted them and helped the D.S.F.L launch a campaign to
publicize this blatantly political exclusion.

Additionally, my informant told me that the Women?s Center
is also behind Duke?s absurdly severe (and likely illegal) sexual harassment
policy, in which “perceived power differentials may create an
unintentional atmosphere of coercion.” In other words, in the example
provided in this F.I.R.E.
, a member of the men?s basketball team, whose championship athletic team
status renders him ?powerful? on campus, can be considered guilty of
?non-consensual sex? if he dallies with a Dukette, even if she was the
aggressor. (F.I.R.E’s still working on this one.)