At the top of the list: Health care. While individuals bicker with doctors, and doctors bicker with insurance providers, and insurance providers bicker with legislators, and legislators bicker with employers, Joe Coletti points his accusatory finger at the government in the Greensboro News & Record. “The real, underlying public-policy problem,” said Joe, “is that governmental interventions have distorted the markets for health care and health insurance, driving up the price of both without improving quality.”  A prime example offered by Roy Cordato is state-imposed Certificate of Need (CON) laws. On, Roy said that CON laws have “increased healthcare costs while restricting services.”  For North Carolina, one of our biggest concerns right now ought to be answering how we’re going to afford next year’s budget.  Yes, next year’s budget.  We could find ourselves shouldering an additional $300 million in capital projects, thanks to this year’s state budget that happily divvies out windfall revenues to unnecessary societal accoutrements, says Joe in the Asheville Citizen-Times.