Saritha Prabhu explains in a Federalist column how the Spygate controversy and other shenanigans helped turn her away from the Democratic Party.

From the time Trump won the Republican nomination, there has been a concerted effort from different quarters – the press, Hollywood, academia, the Democratic Party – to smear and undermine him.

Some of this was legitimate and what naturally happens in an election. But a lot of the opposition to him was breathtaking and unprecedented, and we’ve been learning more as time passes by. The highest levels of the FBI secretly spied on his campaign, and they did it by misleading the FISA court and using an unverified dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

And the unprecedented opposition continued with a fake Russia collusion narrative and a dubious special counsel investigation to undermine and possibly remove a duly elected president elected by the masses whom the establishment happens not to like. If they are successful, we don’t have a constitutional republic anymore, folks. It’s that simple.

I was a long-time Democrat who “walked away” from the party because I couldn’t stomach the Democrats’ anti-democratic antics. Post-2017, it is like the mask has been ripped off. It has become apparent that the Democratic Party and its media supporters seem to have a problem with representative democracy and how it works. They lost an election they thought they’d handily win, and their reaction to it has been to have a long, screeching public tantrum.