I have enormous respect for the people willing to risk it all to start a business. Here’s the story of cousins Kim and Tyler Malek. The duo decided to take ugly, imperfect-looking fruit that would otherwise be tossed out and turn it into luscious, creamy ice cream.

“We were shocked to learn that we waste about 40 percent of our food here in America,” Kim Malek told Free Enterprise. “We thought, ‘What if we could deliciously blend that food — a funky-looking apple or an overly ripe strawberry, that might otherwise get chucked out — into our ice cream flavors?’ Then we could bring attention to our country’s food crisis, and maybe in some way help individuals grappling with hunger at the same time.”

So how does it feel to join the ranks of the job creators?

“When we hear that one of our employees is able to buy a house or to start a family, we feel that we’re helping to support those milestones in their lives. We’re proud to create jobs in the kind of business we always wanted to work for — places that are really supportive of individual employees as people, not just ‘workers.’”

Love it. Amazing people. They’re why at the John Locke Foundation, we fight for more freedom and opportunity, and less rules and regulations. Our mission is help entrepreneurs and job creators succeed.