“Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a
moron? No, absolutely not,” Levin said. “Do I think most of them are
homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely.”

That’s what Jason Levin, creator of the crashtheteaparty.org Web site, told The Associated Press in this story about the left-wingers who plan to disrupt the Tea Party protests scheduled April 15 and beyond.

Levin told the AP his “group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country … . [He said] they want to exaggerate the [Tea Party movement’s] least appealing qualities,
further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the
public’s opinion of them.”

Good luck with that.

At PJTV, Confederate Yankee Bob Owens has more

As you may suspect, crashtheteaparty.org was not created by a
Republican or an independent, but instead by someone with a red-tinted
sickle to grind. In this instance, the suspect appears to be a
conspiratorial 36-year-old from the Pacific Northwest named Jason Levin. He started promoting the site
on April 8 on his personal Twitter account, but failed to do an
adequate job of covering up his personal information when he registered
the domain five days earlier. He later attempted to cover his tracks,
but the original information was quickly disseminated around the
internet by those who wondered who was behind the group.

When contacted by Pajamas Media, Levin confirmed his involvement in
the effort, stating, ?Our stated intentions, or ?manifesto? as some of
the conservative bloggers have called it is absolutely sincere.? He
claimed to have operatives in tea party groups in every major city.

Levin concluded with a taunt: ?Good luck stopping us. See you on 4/15.?


Smears and deception have been part of politics from the beginning,
but the proud, brazen nature of those who embrace this sort of activity
is a direct affront to the sort of civic involvement we need to have in
a healthy republic. These are vile tactics by any moral standard,
championed by individuals and groups that care not for debate and
dissent, but instead thrive on creating a climate of mistrust and fear.
Perhaps this is the kind of world they desire to live in, providing
they have the power in that world.

One has to question the character of individuals involved in such an
effort, and their trustworthiness in any endeavor. They create
stereotypes and perpetuate them for media consumption in order to
demonize and alienate their fellow Americans from one another. And to
what end?

The crashtheteaparty.org website exists for one reason and one
reason only: to stifle the voices of those with whom they disagree and
to render mute a rising chorus of dissatisfaction with a government
that is acting in ways that deeply distress a growing majority. It is a
censorship plot.

I’m concerned about the pushback from the Left, but not alarmed. Intelligent people can see through the deception, and dismiss it if not ridicule it. (Humor remains an underrated weapon.) The disconnection between the general public, a third of whom are either part of the Tea Party movement or are close to someone in it, and the American Left (including their allies in the media), unfortunately, may be complete. What the lefty elites do not understand they vilify. Such demonization may have worked in a time before the Web and social networking allowed the curious to bypass the mainstream gatekeepers and learn the truth. Not anymore, thank goodness.