Upon reflection, I think this issue of same-sex marriage is the logical result of the deliberate judicial misreading of the First Amendment and subsequent misreading of Pres. Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association. People believe the Constitution calls for a “separation of church and state,” and this issue involves, as Chad pointed out, governmental licensure in an institution set up by God.

Thus, “Constitutionally” speaking, it would seem to those with no knowledge of the Establishment Clause nor the context of the “separation between church and state” that the government should be able to marry any individuals who so choose to wed.

(Well, just so long as they’re both human beings, of the same or differing sex, not already married, not sibings nor closely related, and just two and only two people ? I’m still unsure as to how the Constitution allows the line to be blurred on the same-sex issue but not, we’re told, not anywhere else.)