The Washington Post reports here on President Obama’s phone call to the Philadelphia Eagles owner to praise the decision to give dog abuser and dog killer Michael Vick a job in the NFL after his release from prison.

I find Vick’s dog fighting, abusing, torturing, and killing absolutely monstrous. I would never hire the man, but others have to make their own decision and the Eagles owner has made his.

But then, the Post writer concludes the piece with this passage. (emphasis is mine)

Obama’s supporters welcome his interest in matters beyond the customary arenas of policy and politics.

“He’s not only leader of the government but also a role model and a moral voice for the country,” said Neera Tanden, a former Obama adviser who is now chief operating officer for the Center for American Progress, a liberal Washington think tank. “And that is why he’s discussed the role of parents as their children’s first teachers, chastised absent fathers, as well as commented on issues that raise ethical concerns in the culture, outside of politics.”

A “moral voice for the country?” The president’s “moral voice” speaks only for those who agree with him. Thus, Mr. Obama’s moral voice echoes those who support abortion on demand and who believe that government knows what’s best for us all, particularly the “fat cats” who, as the president has said repeatedly, don’t need the money they’ve earned.

When President Bush was in office, was he a “moral voice” for the country?