With a cover headline asking “Is College a Lousy Investment?” and an inside-the-magazine headline pointing to “The College Bubble,” it’s clear Newsweek‘s latest issue is targeting some of the same themes that motivated George Leef to develop the mantra that college is oversold.

Here’s how Megan McArdle begins her five-page feature:

Why are we spending so much money on college?

And why are we so unhappy about it? We all seem to agree that a college education is wonderful, and yet strangely we worry when we see families investing so much in this supposedly essential good. Maybe it’s time to ask a question that seems almost sacrilegious: is all this investment in college education really worth it?

The answer, I fear, is that it’s not. For an increasing number of kids, the extra time and money spent pursuing a college diploma will leave them worse off than they were before they set foot on campus.

Sound familiar, George?