Roger Simon offers readers a suggestion for a new top adviser to the president.

Time to move on.

To aid in doing so, the president should put someone impressive in the conspicuous position of consigliere that Bannon once occupied, at least in the eyes of the press. Fill the vacuum.

That person should be Larry Elder.

Yes, that choice is unabashedly “racist” (“useful idiots” might prefer “multi-cultural” or some such) because Elder is African-American, although the well-known author, lawyer and political commentator could easily stand on his own merits without the slightest hint of affirmative action from any quarter.

Nevertheless, the man is known as “The Sage from South Central” (Los Angeles’ black belt) and that is the point. With Elder’s help, Trump can honor one of his key campaign pledges — to raise the conditions of African-American communities in our country and ultimately even help to expunge that divisive term “African-American” from our lexicon. …

… We are well positioned now to put Jack Kemp-style tax incentives in place to encourage corporations bringing their billions back to our shores to invest in disadvantaged communities (not just black, obviously). The impact would be extraordinary if it happened, and really change the atmosphere in our country socially and politically. The Democrats might even have to rise above personal attacks and come up with some actual programs… Well, maybe not.

Larry Elder is the perfect guy to oversee and cheerlead this new approach, not just because he has been thinking about it for a long time and would know how to do it — utilizing those incentives, which create more permanent change, rather than government spending, which usually disappears into the ether — but because he is a terrific communicator.