Gubernatorial nominee Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton waxes in front of state Democratic Party’s Executive Committee about Chairman David Parker’s ‘selfless act,’ only to have Parker emerge from behind the curtain, still the chairman.

Read on in the N&R’s account of the committee’s meeting in Greensboro:

Perry Woods, a proxy who helped campaign for Baldwin, said Parker found a loophole in the rules requiring the party to vote to accept or reject his resignation, which Woods said he hadn’t seen done before.

“He made it about David Parker, and it’s a sad day to be a Democrat in the state of North Carolina,” Woods said.

Greensboro Sen. Don Vaughan —who was vying for the chair, said Democrats will “come back unified and fired up for the November election.”

Sitting here now, it appears as though it will take a miracle for President Obama to win N.C.