Pedophiles must register, and they aren’t allowed in public parks – but many legislators and high-powered businesses, like PayPal, want them to be able to go into little girls’ rooms. We said before the popular notion of government is not as an agent to protect innocents from evil, but as the power to separate money from those who earn it. But we may have spoken too soon.

In the local daily today is a piece about how state government is protecting people from evil, uninspected mushrooms. A 2009 law requires each wild mushroom served by a restaurant to be inspected by an approved mushroom-identification expert. Since there is no such thing as approved mushroom-identification experts, one must needs conclude all wild mushrooms are illegal. But not to worry.

Identifying experts is the job of North Carolina’s newly-formed “Wild Mushroom Advisory Committee,” which is meeting to nail down state regulations governing wild mushrooms as their sales grow in response to demand.

The committee aims to determine who gets to become an expert and how, [and is] also working to offer guidelines so third parties can train hopeful foragers.