We know learning loss from months of remote learning is real. We don’t know how deep and how wide that loss is yet. We know many students are  suffering from failing grades and the despair and loss of confidence failing brings. The students we worry the most about in the best of times, low income and special needs kids, suffer the most. We know that the sooner we address the problem, the better.

JLF education experts Bob Luebke and Terry Stoops recommend building on our proven and successful education savings accounts program to get help to students quickly and in a way that best meets their needs – a learning loss education savings account for one year to be used for tutoring, summer camps or other outlets designed to help kids in whatever way best addresses their needs using one time money for a short term program.

The program could easily be adjusted by changing eligibility, the number of students served or the dollar amount of the savings account. How well our kids recover from the pandemic depends on steps taken now.  A learning loss education savings account is worth considering.

A summary, frequently asked questions and more details on a learning loss education savings account program can be found here.