Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch uses a Daily Caller column to urge a new focus for a congressional corruption investigation.

[R]egardless of what Mueller says or doesn’t say, it is critical to remember that this entire enterprise was illegitimate from the start. We arrived here largely because of one person — Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign paid for a smear operation against Donald Trump using Russian rumors filtered through Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, and a dossier laundered through the Obama Justice Department and FBI to create a bogus psy-operation that ultimately led to the special counsel. Without Hillary Clinton, and the need to minimize the damage from her email scandal, there would have been no dossier, no FISA spy warrants, no collusion hoax, no special counsel, no coup cabal, no threats of impeachment, and no continued partisan harassment from Congress.

This is rooted in a Clinton campaign operation seeking to create a false narrative that the Russians were conspiring with Donald Trump to rig the 2016 election. But she was the one subverting the American electoral process, with the unprecedented and illicit cooperation of corrupt swamp dwellers in the upper reaches of the Obama administration. And it is important that the sedition be exposed, and Hillary Clinton and the rest be held accountable.

To this end the president should start releasing all the key documents that detail the depth and breadth of the scandal, who was involved in it, and how it unfolded. Attorney General William Barr needs to investigate how the Mueller investigation came about and, in particular, the matter of the manufactured predicate for the unprecedented and troubling mobilization of government resources to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.