The researchers at Pew have charted the political divide in our country, showing the stark difference in views between Democrats and Republicans on major public policy issues. The chart below reflects the views of U.S. adults in early-to-mid January. Note there is only one item — just one — where there is no difference between the parties. It’s immigration, with 39% of both parties viewing it as a priority for the new president and Congress.

It’s a fascinating snapshot of our country.

We’re seeing this type of division here in North Carolina as the state Board of Education debates the lens through which our kids will be taught about our country via the social studies standards.

Are we a country that engages in systemic discrimination? Are we a country that is the beacon of the world? Locke’s Dr. Terry Stoops is spot-on:

North Carolina needs social studies standards focused on civic literacy and dedicated to providing students a balanced perspective of American history. A balanced view does not attempt to conceal the nation’s mistakes. Instead, it gives equal weight to failures and successes. It identifies errors and facts. It affirms our ideals, even as we work to create a society that honors them.

We really are engaged in a battle of ideas and priorities, both at the federal and state level. At the Locke Foundation, our ideas and priorities are clear. We unapologetically believe in you. We want you to be free to make decisions for yourself and to chart your life course. To do that, you need opportunity and options. That’s our America, and our North Carolina.