The Cumberland County Business Council, part chamber of commerce and part county economic development agency that for its 2005-06 fiscal year received 57% of its revenue from governments(registration required), sent a letter to legislators urging them to overturn Gov. Mike Easley’s veto of HB 1761 – the $40 million Goodyear giveaway bill. The Business Council cites an impact study it commissioned “several years ago” by a “nationwide consulting firm.”

Unfortunately, the Council has not been as willing to share any details about the study with us at the Locke Foundation. See if you have more luck with their communications or economic development sections.

The report sounds about as trustworthy as that UNCC transit study for the Charlotte Chamber.

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the Business Council said that there were four separate organizations at the time of the 990 above, and overall the share of government money was much less. She also said the study was something the organization did periodically and that the group is not trying to make too much of it, they just provided the information to legislators for their reference.