The acting Durham DA has made an interesting comment to the Durham Crime Cabinet. Leon Stanback wants Durham to have a crime lab, which he says could do more than help speed up processing of local cases. He says it could make money. The Herald-Sun story says there will be a report about this in July.

Stanback said he wants to see a laboratory established in Durham to handle drug and blood analysis, and he said he believes it could also do analysis for surrounding counties. He said he believes it could be a “profit-making endeavor” for Durham. 

He said the problem is not the fees for the work, which he said are passed on to the defendants, but it’s the time it takes to get the analysis work completed.


It’s an interesting idea. Nice to find out that a county official is thinking this way.

Similarly, counties across North Carolina are looking for, and have found, ways to be more cost efficient and effective with tax dollars. JLF’s Michael Sanera has compiled a report on some of these innovations in this report.