I am filling out admission forms for somebody who will be having a couple medical procedures. In one packet, there are eight pages. Each asks the patient’s name and birth date twice. If somebody is well enough to put up with this, they probably don’t need physical assistance. And if they didn’t before they started filling out the forms, they will need mental assistance.

This leads me to another set of ADD observations: People who are overly fastidious with recordkeeping are prone to fudge. People who demand others to be fastidious do not care for the level of detail they demand in Literalsville. People who multiply strictures have been known to deem themselves exempt. The more labor laws we get, the worse things will get on employees. What? You work over 100 hours a week but have to document it as 40 for tax purposes because your employer can’t afford to pay a second shift or overtime? And now you will only get paid for 30? Oh, yes. Our lawmakers see us as pawns that would rather break than bend.