Bruce Walker of the American Thinker isn’t ready to bury Obama-era corruption in the political past.

The nadir of honesty in the federal government was reached in the hyper-politicized Obama presidency. The IRS was used shamelessly to punish conservative groups. The Department of Justice opened countless “cases” against utterly innocent groups whose offense was to challenge the orthodoxies of leftism. Indeed, it seemed at times as if the Obama administration viewed the whole federal government as little more than a scourge to be used against Americans who did not follow the party line.

That is the one thing no free government can stand. When government is the enemy of much of the people, then government has no moral ground upon which to exercise its power. Conservatives get that, and conservatives do not call for the federal government, when in the hands of Republicans, to persecute leftists.

The recent appalling revelations detailed by Thomas Lifson in American Thinker that Susan Rice directed spy agencies to report on the conversations between Trump and his advisers creates an opening for President Trump, which he must seize if he wishes to have a presidency that is not nitpicked to death by petty leftists.

President Trump should direct the cabinet secretary of the relevant federal agencies to review the actions of Clinton, Lerner, Rice, and others who held high positions in the Obama administration and who engaged in behavior that reeks of dishonesty, malice, and abuse of power to report whether their conduct appeared to violate federal law.