Christopher Bedford of the Federalist offers Republicans ideas for addressing election-related problems.

American elections are a mess. Well more than a week after Election Day, lawsuits abound, lawyers are everywhere, and facts, myths, and partisan propaganda clog our airwaves.

While President Donald Trump’s team of lawyers appear to be playing for keeps, there is a growing feeling among conservatives from the top to the bottom, both inside and outside the administration, that while this fight is crucial it won’t materially alter the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Further, these increasingly open conversations continuously suggest more could have been done earlier about big-city voting machines, vote tracking and accountability, and the Democratic Party’s long-sought unlimited mail-in voting rules. So what are those things? …

… Learned cultural behavior, self-interest, and ambition, and the human propensities to help out your team and to do what you’re told, combine into an effective and reliable operation. As The Federalist reported in a series of interviews with Philadelphia political insiders and observers, the “machine” is less like a machine than “a living organism” that doesn’t need instructions “to know how to breathe.”

So how to take this apart? It would take time, money, effort, and lawyers who are both empowered and professionally above the city or state’s politics, but according to a host of Philadelphia political operatives, it’s a surprisingly attainable goal. …

… Pennsylvania is getting picked on and they deserve it — their boxes of ballots, either lost or found, have become a well-earned bogeyman of the 2020 elections. But to cut them just a bit of slack, the Keystone State didn’t have an electronic voter registration system in place when COVID extended further into the year than initially predicted. This meant there was no way to know who’d already voted absentee, which meant they couldn’t start counting absentees until Election Day.

So install one, right? Absolutely.