Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist offers some food for thought to those whose goal in life revolves around opposition to Donald Trump.

These rioters and social media activists are trying to make the same case they tried to make throughout 2016, only louder and with more signs featuring uterine walls and calling for the abolition of borders. They say Trump is a unique threat to humanity, a fascist whose rhetorical style is intolerable. Okay, do what you feel the need to do. But here are some tips if they want to be more effective at taking on the current administration.

1) Don’t Be Worse On Free Speech Than He Is

Even though he was running against a woman who wanted to overturn the First Amendment-protecting Citizens United ruling, many people were particularly concerned about Trump’s rhetoric against the media. Once elected, he went to the CIA, announced he was in a war with the media, and spent much of the next few days at his battle station.

He argues the media have acted more like a hyper-partisan propaganda machine than a free press interested in doing their jobs fairly from one administration to the next. But when it’s the president saying such harsh things about the media, it’s reasonable for people to be concerned. So if the argument is that Trump poses a unique threat to civil liberties and the culture of free speech, don’t do stuff like this.

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That’s where the Free Speech movement began, y’all.