An Air Force Academy cadet writing under the pseudonym Lauren Evans explains in the Washington Examiner why she’s considering leaving the service academy.

I never thought I’d consider leaving the United States Air Force Academy after working so hard for my appointment, but here I am contemplating whether this is the Air Force to which I’m willing to commit myself.

The first day of Basic Cadet Training was full of chaos, but I remember with intense clarity taking the oath where I promised to support and defend the Constitution — not any person or political agenda — against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The military is supposed to be an impartial actor for the commander in chief. Our occupation and work environment are supposed to be devoid of political agendas and the influence of radicals. And yet, anywhere one looks, the radical liberal and, dare I say, communist propaganda has infiltrated our ranks, classrooms, and even the minds of future officers. …

… It would be both demeaning and a disservice to my nation to only be at the Academy because I am a minority female. Anything but a system based on merit is less than optimal and weakens our defense. We all want to serve with airmen who are the best at what they do, not just airmen that met the quota for skin color, sexual preference, or other characteristics.

As Cadets, and especially as impressionable young freshmen, we are forced to sit through hours of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) briefs. We all understand that respect is of vital importance, but categorizing people as oppressors and victims based on skin color is just plain wrong. Beyond this is the observed scope of the alleged problem. It would seem a problem of this magnitude would be obvious to nearly all Cadets … but it isn’t.

And frankly, in terms of cost-benefit analysis, the effort is doing more harm than good as it directly undermines unit cohesion and morale.

I see many bright young cadets who know that what is going on is wrong but are too afraid to speak up.