James Taylor of the Heartland Institute documents a courtroom feud pitting two paragons of upright behavior: the Al Jazeera network and former Vice President Al Gore.

A desperate Al Gore made several false representations as part of a smokescreen to “prevent people from seeing the truth,” the Al Jazeera media network asserted in conjunction with court documents filed Thursday, Business Insider reports. Al Jazeera claims Gore, whose former Current TV network raked in more than $400 million when purchased by Al Jazeera, is improperly seeking to squeeze another $75 million from Al Jazeera.

Gore, who frequently accuses scientists who disagree with his alarmist global warming views as being motivated by money, claimed that although he and his partners received $425 million from Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera still owes another $75 million. Gore has personally netted approximately
$100 million from the sale, according to Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera claimed Current TV agreed to reimburse Al Jazeera for many of the costs Al Jazeera incurred while acquiring Current TV. Gore and trial lawyer Joel Hyatt, who were major shareholders in Current TV, asserted they are not required to pay the costs.

Gore and Hyatt claimed in their own court documents that they weren’t very enthusiastic about selling Current TV, but they relented for altruistic reasons to facilitate greater Arab-U.S. ties.

Al Jazeera “is happy to put all of the material facts in the open and allow an impartial court decide the outcome… What is made clear in our suit is the desperate attempt Gore and Hyatt have made to add to the hundreds of millions of dollars they already have received for Current TV,” Al Jazeera told Business Insider.

According to Business Insider, Al Jazeera asserted Gore and Hyatt attempted to enrich themselves to the exclusion of other Current TV shareholders. Gore and Hyatt attempted to negotiate a separate side deal for themselves in which the two would be paid millions of dollars after the sale of Current TV, Al Jazeera noted, according to Business Insider.

“Gore and Hyatt’s proposed side deal would necessarily mean that some of the purchase price would be diverted from other members to Gore and Hyatt,” Al Jazeera observed, according to Business Insider.

Wait … the Goracle might be motivated by something other than a desire to save the planet? Shocking.