I find it interesting that N&R’s Allen Johnson would ask Greensboro City Council member Danny Thompson for a little consistency regarding the White Street landfill:

City Councilman Danny Thompson keeps suggesting that the planned regional landfill in Randolph County offers some promise as a longer-term solution for Greensboro’s trash problem.

Why, then, hasn’t he voted to study the issue further?

With fellow council member Nancy Vaughan now given the legal OK to weigh in on the landfill, there ought to be a 5-3 vote on the council in favor of some basic fact-finding about the regional option, right, Danny?

To do otherwise would seem intellectually dishonest.

When I asked him that question a few days ago, I didn’t get a clear answer.

I’m asking again.

It’s interesting because —in my opinion– the N&R’s consistency on this can be called into question. First, they suggested the compromise of re-opening White Street for 3-5 years (the permitted capacity is just over seven years) before hauling garbage to Randolph County.

Last Sunday the N&R suggested putting off a vote on the landfill until after the election, when there’s a possibility that Danny Thompson won’t be around to vote on anything. Under such a scenario, the N&R’s assumption is landfill opponents would be willing to compromise should they prevail in the ‘referendum,’ but nothing is certain. While the regional option sounds inviting, there’s chance the status quo —- transferring the garbage to Montgomery County — could continue, correct?

We know where Thompson stands on White Street, and he has endorsed a regional landfill as long-term solution, as has the N&R. So what more does he owe the N&R?